Hong Kong Autumn Lighting Exhibition

Is a famous lighting exhibition in Asia

The Hong Kong Autumn Lighting Fair is organised by the Hong Kong Trade Development Council and co-organised by the Hong Kong Chinese General Chamber of Commerce, the Chinese Manufacturers' Association of Hong Kong, the Federation of Hong Kong Industries, the Hong Kong Electrical Manufacturers Association, the Hong Kong Exporters' Association and the Trade and Industry Department of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government. Introducing innovative lighting products to buyers from all over the world, providing a high-quality trading platform for local businesses and promoting international exchanges and cooperation in the field of lighting.

Attractive: In the 2018 Hong Kong Autumn Lighting Fair, 2,724 high-quality companies from 37 countries and regions participated in the exhibition, which was more than the previous year's record. More companies from Lithuania, Macau and Portugal participated in the exhibition for the first time. According to the statistics of Yingtuo Exhibition, the number of buyers has risen by more than 44,600. They are from 150 countries and regions, 75% of which are overseas buyers and 25% are local buyers.

Rich activities: During the exhibition, the conference arranged a series of seminars and exchanges to expand the business network, explore market development, master new lighting technology and testing and certification information. According to the SHOWGUIDE exhibition navigation survey, the conference also invited representatives from the industry, such as Opple and Philips, to share their insights on different topics at the seminar. At the same time, the conference also held a buyer forum to look at market opportunities in emerging markets.

Applicability: The exhibition has made more reasonable arrangements for the product area to highlight the main business areas of the lighting industry, accurately grasp the global lighting industry trends, and meet the changing needs of buyers.

Market analysis
Hong Kong is a capitalist economic system that pursues a free market. Its economic focus is on the laissez-faire policy implemented by the government. Hong Kong is the world's eleventh largest trading economy, the sixth largest foreign exchange market and the fifteenth largest banking center. According to the statistics of the Hong Kong Government Statistics Office, from January to July 2017, the import and export volume of Hong Kong's goods was US$635.53 billion, an increase of 9.2% over the same period of the previous year (the same below). The import and export volume of goods between Hong Kong and Mainland China was US$305.18 billion, an increase of 6.0%.
The time of Westernization in Hong Kong is very long in Asia. The foundation of the site is solid, and the salary and consumption levels are high. The Hong Kong Government has proposed not to use non-reflective white light bulbs of 25 watts or more. The market acceptance is high. According to the Hong Kong lighting store, the sales volume of the white light bulbs is already very low, even 5% of the overall sales of the store, and the light source that sells more is the CFL power-saving light bulb. It is believed that the market for LED light bulbs will have a chance to become bigger and stronger in the future.


Last review
Exhibition area: 70,400 flat
Number of exhibitors: 2,724 exhibitors (from 37 countries and regions)
Number of visitors: 44,632 (from 150 countries and regions)

Range of exhibition
1, the overall home lighting: ceiling lamps, aluminum lamps, lanterns, fabric lamps, Yuba lamps, crystal lamps, table lamps, wall lamps, craft lamps, children's lamps, chandeliers, LED panel lights, floor lamps, integrated ceiling lighting, etc.;

2, commercial lighting: lamp cup, emergency light, grid light, LED light strip, LED light, ceiling light, track light, metal halide light, daring light, LED point light source, stage light, spotlight, fluorescent lamp, light string, LED guardrail tube, downlight, various types of lighting, etc.;

3, outdoor lighting: landscape lights, solar street lights, garden lights, lawn lights, plant simulation lights, garden lights, street lights, road lights, underwater lights, etc.;

4, electrical accessories: all kinds of switches, lighting accessories, light source accessories, bulbs, wax tails, flashlights, wire and cable, lamp holders, energy-saving lamps, light bulbs, electrical appliances, T4/T5/T8 brackets, hardware accessories, LED accessories tools , socket, plug, etc.; '

5. Service industry: business management and consulting services, design services, public relations, quality inspection/test services, business management and consulting services, design services, public relations, quality inspection/test services, measurement, quality inspection/testing.